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Mary Greeley Medical Center

Greeley Medical Center logo

Dear Mr. Eston,
I just wanted to share with you how pleased we were with the service and professionalism your staff demonstrated while improving our air quality at Mary Greeley Medical Center. As a health care facility, maintaining a quiet, restful place for patient recovery is important. Your staff exhibited concern, flexibility, teamwork, and efficiency in delivering their service. We greatly appreciate that.

Please feel free to share my thoughts with the involved staff. They did a top-notch job.

Neal T. Loes, Vice President
Mary Greeley Medical Center

Duct Cleaners’ Supply

Duct Cleaners Supply logo

As a professional in the duct cleaning industry, I have had many opportunities to come in contact with and work with Courtney Eston. I have always found Courtney to be a consummate professional: he is knowledgeable, he keeps in touch with new and upcoming technology, and he remains focused on doing his job well and meeting the customers’ needs and expectations. I have seen that many duct cleaning professionals seek him out for advice and recommendations, especially when they encounter new or difficult projects.

Courtney is well acquainted with the requirements and challenges associated with both commercial and residential duct cleaning, and therefore he knows both what it takes to operate a successful business, and how to go about doing so. I have seen that Courtney has a genuine talent for finding customers, and for establishing their confidence level in him and his services. Having booked the job, he proceeds to go the extra mile to assure that he completes the job as promised and that the customer is satisfied, thus assuring repeat business.

It’s my personal opinion that Courtney is the best at what he does. I have not met anyone in the duct cleaning field who surpasses him in terms of professionalism, knowledge, determination and ability. I believe it could only be to your advantage to establish a business relationship with him.

John F. Bently, President
Duct Cleaners' Supply

St. John’s Hospital

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I am writing this letter in reference to Design Air, Inc. owned by Mr. Courtney Eston. Starting in August 1998, design Air Inc. proceeded to clean the ducts in two buildings for us. One was 97,051 square feet and the other was 22,282 square feet. After completing, I was so pleased with the performance of Mr. Eston and his crew that I had them clean the cooling coils on 41 air handlers and the intake screens. The main stack of H an J building that houses patients are climate controlled by fan coil units in approximately 400 rooms.

Mr. Eston has always been most helpful in providing information and advice about duct cleaning, materials and installation. I have found that his broad range of expertise has been very helpful.

I would not hesitate to hire Design Air, Inc. to do any of my HVAC cleaning. In fact I have plans for another building FY 2000.

Morris Wilcoxon, Supervisor Maintenance and Construction
St. John's Hospital

CGH Medical Center

CGH Medical Center logo

This is to inform you that we have just completed business with Design Air, Inc. for the cleaning of return and exhaust duct systems associated with AHU 5, 7, and 9. The scope of work covered air handling unit systems of various sizes from packaged system to a large build-up unit. This project started on November 8, 1998 and was completed December 3, 1998. Mr. Eston and his company conducted all work in a highly satisfactory manner.

Mr.Eston and his staff have always been most helpful in providing information and advice about the condition or our ductwork systems. In the specialized field of duct cleaning, we have found that he has a broad range of information and has been helpful to us. I found the staff of Design Air, Inc. to be understanding and professional when working with the various departments effected by the cleaning process. Work sight cleanliness were maintained in accordance to what is expected in a hospital setting.

I would recommend Design Air, Inc. to anyone who is expecting a professional high quality job for a duct cleaning company.

Robert Lehman, Facilities Management Assistant Director
CGH Medical Center


We had Design Air, Inc. come in and clean our air ducts a couple of weeks ago. Our building was built in 1979 and had never had duct cleaning done. Needless to say it was a big job. I called Mr. Courtney Eston and asked him to come to our building to give us a look and a bid. Mr. Eston was professional from the very start and always delivered on what he said he would. His information was timely and he always met deadlines. He took our blueprints to studied them, then came back with a very fair bid. We had two other companies give us bids but they didn’t do the due diligence that Design Air, Inc. did. They did a great job cleaning the ducts.

Furthermore, Mr. Eston’s crew was top notch. We have a building that has a high traffic of people. His crew (if I knew them all by name I’d give each an individual shout out) was professional, courteous, pleasant to talk to, and worked hard to not disrupt our patrons. They were always saying “excuse me” and always speaking to our clients. I thoroughly enjoyed their company. They said the job would take two weeks and, guess what, it took two weeks on the button. Again, delivering on what they said they’d do.

I highly recommend this company. Thank you to Mr. Eston and Team for cleaning us up and being honest and hard workers!

Sam Brooks, CEO
Warren County YMCA

Sam Brooks
Warren County YMCA

Superior workmanship

I highly recommend Design Air. The staff is professional and know exactly what they are doing. The duct cleaning work that I needed was extremely difficult but Design Air tackled the problem, spent several hours more than was anticipated and completed the job. This dedication to superior workmanship is difficult to find.

Karen Helfers

Great job.

We just had Design Air Inc. do our duct cleaning today. Very good job. Professional, courteous, prompt, and a great price.

They cleaned up after themselves, and did not make a big mess. Takes about 3-4 hours depending on the job. Not an inconvenience at all. Put all the registers back on, and vacuumed the floor afterwards.

I would highly recommend them to anyone. Small or big job.

Michael Shelton. Dunlap Illinois.

Michael James Shelton
West Bend Mutual Ins / Safelite

Overwhelmed with the cleaning

I had been considering air duct cleaning for a while, and watched several videos of duct cleaning companies in an effort to make an informed decision. I called the company that performs the maintenance to our furnace and AC….which referred me to Design Air. I called to get an estimate and make an appointment. The crew showed up on time, introduced themselves, and started right to work. I was asking several questions as we walked through the house, there was a clear explanation of all their procedures. Very professional, very considerate of my home, the flooring, and our belongings, proactive about Covid-19 preventative measures, and very polite. On top of all of this, I didn’t see any utube videos that showed such a thorough and professional cleaning service as this company provides. The decision to have the ductwork cleaned would have been easier had I seen video of that of Design Air’s service. I didn’t ask for special service but it sure felt that way. The attention to detail…WOW.
Highly Recommend.
Only wish I had done this sooner.
VERY Satisfied !

Stephen C

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