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This is to inform you that we have just completed business with Design Air, Inc. for the cleaning of return and exhaust duct systems associated with AHU 5, 7, and 9. The scope of work covered air handling unit systems of various sizes from packaged system to a large build-up unit. This project started on November 8, 1998 and was completed December 3, 1998. Mr. Eston and his company conducted all work in a highly satisfactory manner.

Mr.Eston and his staff have always been most helpful in providing information and advice about the condition or our ductwork systems. In the specialized field of duct cleaning, we have found that he has a broad range of information and has been helpful to us. I found the staff of Design Air, Inc. to be understanding and professional when working with the various departments effected by the cleaning process. Work sight cleanliness were maintained in accordance to what is expected in a hospital setting.

I would recommend Design Air, Inc. to anyone who is expecting a professional high quality job for a duct cleaning company.

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